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Gumilak Metal Duco

General Characteristics

High quality new generation synthetic enamel, suitable for interior and exterior use with low VOC and enhanced anticorrosive properties. It can be applied on metallic surfaces performing excellent hardness development, very good mechanical properties and great resistance in UV and adverse weather conditions. Very good surface and through hardening and excellent adhesion and water resistance.  It has great covering power and very good brush ability. Βy adding high solids hardener GUMILAK we can get even quicker drying properties, better hardness development and more durable coating surface.

Gumilak Metal Hardener

General Characteristics

The addition of Hardener GUMILAK metal to GUMILAK METAL accelerates drying and hardness development, reinforces mechanical properties and enhances the durability in the most adverse conditions. The Hardener comes with high solids content securing by this way high efficacy cost efficiency as also lower VOC content.

Gumilak Metal Primer

General Characteristics

Gumilak Metal Primer is an undercoat based on alkyd resins. It is suitable for protection of architectural surfaces, like walls, metals etc. Gives very good adhesion and elasticity. Easy to apply with very good leveling and sanding properties.