Smaltoplast Silk

General Characteristics

Ecological, water based wall emulsion paint with eggshell finish for interior use. Odourless. Innovative coating with antimicrobial efficiency. Due to its synthesis protects the film from growth of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), which reduces the presence of fungal and bacterial allergens in the building providing a better air and hygienic inside environment with fewer problems for allergy and asthma sufferers. Easy clean (class 1, EN 13300), providing more clean surfaces. Intended for use in areas with high humidity. Minimised content of hazardous substances. Reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs).




Ecological, hypo-allergic water based wall emulsion paint. Innovative coating with antimicrobial efficiency. Very easy to clean.

  • Odorless and antimicrobial
  • Resistance to washing
  • A+ air quality
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Permanent action against mold
  • Easy to clean

Using Smaltoplast Silk, there is almost zero risk during application from chemical allergens like solvents (Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehydes and other toxic and hazardous substances as those forbidden to be use by European Ecolabel.  Due to its innovative function Smaltoplast Silk can “prevent the growth” of microbes like bacteria and fungi (yeasts & moulds) on the coating film. The paint is super washable and easy clean providing fresh looking surfaces.

Smaltoplast Silk is an ideal solution for:

•     hospitals, intensive care units, surgeries, baby care units,

•     hotels, schools, public buildings

•     bakeries, food storage and pharma warehouses, military buildings, sport centres, breweries, and other surfaces exposed to damp conditions (kitchens, bathrooms), inadequate ventilation and air tight places as also places where high hygienic conditions are demanded contributing to a better indoor environment especially for allergy and asthma sufferers.


APPLICATION: Final Painting

  • Paintbrush
  • Airless spray-gun
  • Roller

1lt , 3lt , 10lt

10-15% with water

12-14 (m²/Lt)